Damage repairs

In case of damage, call Truckherstel

Damage to one of your vehicles is horrible enough as it is. In such a case, you are looking for a reliable service provider who will get your vehice back on the road as quickly as possible. At Truckherstel, we understand that you want fast service without the hassle. Whether it is a big damage, a dent or a scratch, Truckherstel will take professional care of your vehicle.

Your partner for damage repairs

Truckherstel is your ultimate partner when it comes to damage repairs. We know how the transport branch works and understand what a stationary truck means for your company.  That’s why we will do anything to get your truck rolling again. Truckherstel has first-rate materials and skilled staff. Moreover, as always, you can count on our comprehensive and excellent service.

More info?

Would you like to know more about truck damage repairs or one of our other services? Don’t hesitate to look at the other pages on this site. Should you have any other questions after that, simply contact us! We love to answer your questions.

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Truck repair

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Truck damage

Truck damage Waiting long for damaged trucks to be repaired, is of course no option for you as a transport entrepreneur. A stationary truck means no money. At Truckherstel, we understand this all too well. That’s why we offer quick and professional damage repairs so that your truck can hit the road as quickly as […]

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